Small Business Confidence – Japan

A measure of small businesses optimism. As small businesses tend to be more sensitive to business cycle developments, Small Business Confidence can precede or confirm larger economic trends. Small businesses are usually the first to falter during a recession and among the first to prosper during an expansion, so larger trends often appear early in the Small Business sector. Furthermore, small and medium enterprises make a large contribution to overall GDP, so a weak climate for small business may mean that the overall health of the economy is in jeopardy. Like any measure of business confidence, a high figure for Small Business Confidence will be positive because confidence is usually accompanied by increased business investment that leads to higher levels of output in the future.

The headline figure is presented as an index where a number over 50 indicates that most businesses believe conditions are improving, and a value under 50 indicates that most businesses believe conditions are deteriorating.

Relevance : Rarely affects markets
Release schedule : 5:00 (GMT); monthly, near the end of the reporting month or the beginning of the following month.
Revisions schedule : None
Source of report : Shoko Chukin Bank
Web Address : (Japanese Only)

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