Producer Price Index (PPI) – Euro-Zone

Measures changes in the selling prices of goods and services used by Euro-zone producers. Because producers tend to pass on higher costs to consumers as higher retail prices, the PPI is an early indicator of inflation. A higher PPI, especially when combined with high figures for other measures of inflation, will make the European Central Bank more inclined to raise interest rates. A low or falling PPI is indicative of declining prices, and may suggest an economic slowdown.

The Index headline is expressed as a month over month or annualized percentage change.

Note: The Euro-zone PPI excludes construction industry because it is vulnerable to seasonal price volatility that can distort index results.

Relevance: Moderate market impact
Release Schedule: 11:00 (GMT); monthly, near the middle of each month, with previous month’s data
Source of Report: Eurostat
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Refer Euro-Indicators “Industry, Commerce and Services” > Industrial domestic output prices > Industrial domestic output prices – Total industry excluding construction – quarterly data
AKA: Industrial domestic output prices

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