Monetary Policy Money And Interest Rates – By Country

Overview – Monetary policy, money and interest rates reports, coincidentally, mark important releases impacting monetary policy, the money supply and interest rates. One of the biggest market moving events is the announcement by central banks of changes in their monetary policy. Below we have detailed how each bank makes their decisions public.Also noted below are other figures tracking and impacting the money supply. Country United States Euro-Zone Japan United Kingdom Canada Switzerland Australia New Zealand

Rarely affects markets Moderate market impact Tends to move markets on release

United States – USD
FOMC Rate Decision Tends to move markets on release Minutes of FOMC Meeting Tends to move markets on release Fed Governor Speaks Tends to move markets on release Fed President Speaks Tends to move markets on release Beige Book Rarely affects markets
Euro-Zone – EUR

ECB Rate Announcement and Press Conference ECB President Speaks ECB Governor Speaks ECB Chief Economist Speaks EU Finance Ministers Meet Euro-zone M3

Japan – JPY

BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting and Announcement BOJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes BoJ Monetary Policy Monthly Report Official Reserve Assets Broad Liquidity Monetary Base Money Supply M2 + CD Bankruptcies Bank Lending

United Kingdom – GBP

BOE Rate Decision Minutes of BOE Meeting Consumer Credit

Canada – CAD

Bank of Canada Rate Decision Bank of Canada Governor Speaks

Switzerland – CHF

SNB Three-Month Target Libor Rate SNB Quarterly Monetary Policy Assessment SNB Chief Economist Speaks

Australia – AUD

RBA Rate Decision RBA Governor Speaks Investment Lending – Australia Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin Board

New Zealand – NZD

RBNZ Rate Decision – New Zealand Non Resident Bond Holdings – New Zealand M3 Supply – New Zealand