Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index-German

Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (survey) – German

Gauge for overall performance of the German manufacturing sector. Through asking executives about sales and employment outlook, the survey strives to provide useful information about the business climate that can lead to developments in employment, output and consumption. The PMI survey results are the result of interviews with business executives. Manufacturing is an important sector in Germany , which is why changes in Manufacturing PMI can provide a good indicator to the overall economic condition in Germany as well as Euro-zone. However, despite the timeliness of the report, Manufacturing PMI is not a big market mover.

The survey results are quantified into index where 0 represents long term manufacturing business conditions. The headline figure is expressed in percentage change.

Relevance: Rarely affects markets
Release schedule: Released during the first half of each month at 3.55 EST
Source of report: NTE Economics
Web Address:
Address of release:
Refer to Release Date> Press Center. Requires login for new figures
AKA: Purchasing Managers Index, NTC Research PMI

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