Industrial Production – Euro-zone

Measures the volume change of output of the manufacturing and energy sector. The industrial sector contributes to only a quarter of the Euro-zone GDP. However, most variations in GDP come from the industrial sector, whereas other sectors that contribute far more to national output historically have been very consistent regardless of economic cycles. That is why tracking industrial production is very important for forecasting GDP changes.

Note: The Industrial Production figure can be adjusted for the number of working days in the given time period and/or seasonally to account for weather related changes in production.

Relevance: Rarely affects markets
Release schedule : 9:00 (GMT), monthly
Revisions schedule: Because data for some countries is estimated, moderate revisions are made to the Euro-zone Industrial Production when actual data is available from those countries.
Source of report : Eurostat
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Refer to Euro-Indicators (upper left) > Industry, trade and services > Industry (mid left) – Industrial production

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