IFO Business Climate Survey – Germany – Euro-zone

One of the country’s key business sentiment surveys. The survey is conducted monthly, querying German firms on the current German business climate as well as their expectations for the next six months. As the largest economy in the Euro-zone, Germany is responsible for approximately a quarter of the total Euro-Zone GDP. Consequently, the German IFO is a significant economic health indicator for the Euro-zone as a whole. Positive readings bode well for the economy, suggesting increased consumer spending and economic growth. Conversely, low IFO readings may be indicative of economic slowdown.The index uses 100 as a centerline between positive and negative outlooks; the further the value is from 100 the stronger the sentiment. The survey presents two equally weighted sub-indices: Current Assessment and Business Expectations. IFO Current Assessment
Measures current German business conditions, without considering future expectations.

IFO Expectations
Based on firms’ expectations for the next six months, where firms rate the future outlook as better, same, or worse.

Relevance: Tends to move markets on release
Release schedule : 8:00 (GMT); monthly, last week of every month
Source of report : CESifo Group
Web Address : http://www.cesifo-group.de
Address of release: http://www.cesifo-group.de/pls/portal/url/page/IFOHOME/A-WINFO/D1INDEX/10INDEXGSK
AKA : Information and Forschung Survey, IFO Business Climate

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