GfK Consumer Confidence – German – Euro-zone

Consumer Confidence measures the level of confidence households have in economic performance. Generally rising consumer confidence acts as a precursor to higher consumer expenditures which drive economic expansion. The report also breaks down results into parts of the economy, giving a detailed picture of the consumer climate in German. GfK Consumer Confidence is one of the most closely watched surveys.

The survey results are quantified into index where 0 represents long term Consumer Confidence averages. The headline figure is expressed in percentage change.

On a technical note: The German Consumer Confidence survey is conducted monthly by GfK, a market research organization, on behalf of the EU commission. The survey results are obtained monthly based on more than 2000 consumer interviews about their personal spending patterns, inflationary expectations and opinion on economic outlook. Then the aggregate result is categorized by German social groups: students, high/medium/low income and the retired.

Relevance: Rarely affects markets
Release schedule: 6.10 (GMT); monthly, during the last week of every month
Source of report: GfK Group
Web Address:
Address of release:
AKA: Consumer climate, Consumer mood

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