Factory Orders – German – Euro-zone

Measures the total change in orders placed at domestic manufacturers. The figure gives a picture of the strength of demand for German industrial products. Factory orders are an early indicator of the overall level of spending in the economy, and spending drives economic growth. Although higher German Factory Orders alone is not a strong enough factor to influence the value of Euro in a significant way, growth in orders can put upward pressure on the Euro if higher orders are due to greater demand aboard.

German Factory Orders is a seasonally adjusted index. The headline figure is expressed as a percentage change in the index.

Rarely affects markets
Release schedule : 10:00 (GMT); monthly, 6 th of every month
Revisions schedule : Few or no revisions
Source of report : Federal Statistical Office Germany
Web Address : http://www.destatis.de/e_home.htm
Address of release : http://www.destatis.de/indicators/e/tkae211x.htm
AKA : Manufacturing Orders, Orders Received Manufacturing

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