Economic Indicators from Japan

Overview – There are thousands of different reports released in Japan relevant to the Foreign Exchange Market. Below we have laid out the market’s most watched. You will find detailed definitions, comprehensive analysis and an explanation of how each report may affect the market.

Type of Economic Report
Balance of Payments

GDP and Output Report
Confidence and Sentiment Reports
Prices, Wages and Sales Figures
Monetary Policy – Money and Interest Rates


Rarely affects markets
Moderate market impact
Tends to move markets on release

Balance of Payments
Japanese Trade Balance
Merchandise Trade Balance Monthly
Japanese Current Account
Export Price Index (EPI)
GDP and Output Report

Japanese Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Japanese Industrial Production
Machine Tool Orders
All Industry Activity Index
Capital Spending
Capital Spending Including Software
Japanese Capacity Utilization
Japanese Machine Orders
Japanese Shipments
Japanese Coincident Index

Confidence and Sentiment Reports

Japanese Tankan Survey – Report also covers Capex, Manufacturer and Non- Manufacturer Conditions and Outlook
Tertiary Industry Index
Leading Economic Index
Eco Watchers Survey
Japanese Consumer Confidence
Small Business Confidence

Prices, Wages and Sales Figures

National Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index (DCGI)
Broad Liquidity
Japanese Monetary Base
Money Supply M2 + CD
GDP Deflator
Japanese Export Price Index (EPI)
Labor Cash Earnings
Japanese Overtime Earnings
Japanese Monthy Retail Trade
Department Store Sales
Large Retailers’ Sales
Convenience Store Sales
Japanese Auto Sales

Monetary Policy – Money and Interest Rates

BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting and Announcement
BOJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
BoJ Monetary Policy Monthly Report
Official Reserve Assets
Broad Liquidity
Monetary Base
Money Supply M2 + CD
Bank Lending


Japanese Employment Situation – Jobless Rate, Job-to-Application Ratio, Workers Spending, Household Spending and Personal Income
Labor Cash Earnings
Overtime Earnings


Japanese Construction Orders
Japanese Construction Starts
Japanese Housing Starts
Japanese Tokyo Condominium Sales


Emperor’s Birthday