Letter E Dictionary

ECB Rate Announcement and Press Conference – Euro-zone

The European Central Bank’s decision to increase, decrease, or maintain interest rates.

Economic Calendar User Guide

prepares traders for the most important economic news events for the major currencies.

Economic Data Release Schedule – United States

The most important US economic reports are released by the US Government at 8:30 am Eastern time throughout the month and year.

Economic Indicators for the United States

There are thousands of different reports released in the US relevant to the Foreign….

Economic Indicators for Australia

Overview – There are thousands of economic reports released from Australia.

Economic Indicators from Japan

Overview – There are thousands of different reports released in Japan relevant to the Foreign Exchange Market.

Euro-Zone Economic Indicators

Overview – There are thousands of economic indicators released in….

economic surplus

Economic Surplus is the overall benefit a society composed of consumers and producers….

Empire State Manufacturing Survey – United States

Survey assessing business conditions and expectations of manufacturing …..

Employment Change – Australia

Tracks the number of employed in Australia .

Employment – (Non Farm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate) United States

ne of the most widely anticipated reports on the US economic calendar…..

entry order

An Entry Order is an order to enter the market at a specified price.

Execution Risk

In processing a securities transaction……

Export Price Index (EPI) – Japan

The Export Price Index tracks changes in the prices …