Continuation Candlestick Patterns

Continuation Patterns
Bearish Continuation Patterns

Bullish Continuation Patterns

Continuation patterns suggest the market will maintain an established trend. Often the direction of the candlesticks themselves are in the opposite direction of trend in continuance. Continuation patterns help traders differentiate between a price action that is in full reversal and those merely taking a pause. Most traders will tell you there is a time to trade and a time to rest. The formation of continuation candlestick patterns imply consolidation, a time to rest and watch.

Bearish Continuation Patterns

Continuation Falling Three Methods Candlestick

Continuation Downside Tasuki Candlestick

Continuation Three Line Strike Candlestick

Continuation Side By Side White Lines Candlestick

Continuation In-Neck Candlestick

Continuation On Neck  Candlestick


Bullish Continuation Patterns

Continuation Rising Three Methods Candlestick

Continuation Three Line Strike Three Methods Candlestick