Consumer Price Index (CPI) – Switzerland

It is the key gauge for inflation in Switzerland . Simply put, inflation reflects a decline in the purchasing power of the Franc, where each Franc buys fewer goods and services. The CPI calculates the change in the price of a predetermined basket of consumer goods and services. This basket represents the goods and services that an average household will purchase. The figure is compared to those of the previous month as well as the previous year in order to gauge changes to the costs of living on a month to month and year to year basis. The headline number is the percentage change either from the previous month’s value or the previous year’s value.

As the key indicator of inflation, a rising CPI may prompt the Swiss National Bank to raise interest rates in attempt to manage inflation and slow economic growth. Higher interest rates make holding the Franc more attractive to foreign investors, and this higher level of demand will place upward pressure on the value of the Franc.

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Source of report : Swiss Federal Statistical Office
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AKA: Consumer Prices

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