BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting and Announcement – Japan


The Bank of Japan Policy Board meets once a month for two days to discuss economic developments inside and outside of the country. The culmination of the meeting is the announcement of any adjustments to interest rates or other aspects of monetary policy.

Like any central bank the BOJ is tasked with ensuring price stability while taking into account economic growth, employment, and recommendations from the elected government. With this goal in mind, a “Guideline for Money Market Operations” is established at each meeting. Changes in the rate have far-reaching consequences, affecting consumer loans, mortgages, bonds and the exchange rate of the Yen. The statement is the Bank of Japan’s collective outlook on the economy as well as a source for clues on future monetary policy decisions. When it comes to interest rates, the future direction of rates is usually far more important than its current rate

Relevance : Tends to move markets on release
Release schedule : No set time, usually between 2:00 and 4:00 (GMT); monthly, in the middle of the month
Source of report : Bank of Japan
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AKA : Bank of Japan Rate Decision

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