bearish falling three methods candlestick


Bearish Falling Three Methods

Direction: Bearish

Type: Continuation

Reliability: Strong

In a downtrend, a long red day occurs

The second, third and fourth days are short blue days that fall within the range of the first day

The fifth day continues the downtrend with a long red candle that creates new lows

The Falling Three Methods pattern occurs in a bear market, where during a downtrend the market rests before resuming the trend. The bearish trends break is reflected by small candles that all stick to a strict market range formed by the aggressive move on day one.

A typical explanation for this type of formation might that the market is slowly digesting the relatively larger move in day-one. These small daily ranges often precede significant economic reports. Such periods of relative inactivity and tight trading are common in markets. Falling Three Methods is confirmed where a red candle dives down to new lows reinstituting the bearish trend.

Number of Middle Candles – In a picture perfect formation the middle candles number three. But realistically the pattern may have two, four or even five candles. Individually each middle candle may be a star or doji, red or blue.

Middle Candle Wicks – Important to note is that each middle candle wick needs to stay within the first candles high/low range to signal a strong continuation signal. With the bearish Falling Three Methods this is especially important for the highs. Should a wick trade to a high above the first large red candles high, it casts doubt over the strength of the established down trend.