Wholesale Inventories – United States

The stock of unsold goods held by wholesalers. Wholesalers act as intermediaries between manufacturers or importers, and retailers. Wholesalers sell directly to retailers, who strive to act in accordance (ideally) with consumer demand. Consequently, high Wholesale Inventories indicate that unsold goods are piling up, suggesting that retailers are facing lagging consumer demand and unwilling to purchase goods. Conversely, declining Wholesale Inventories suggest retailers are buying more goods to meet strong or rising demand. Because Wholesale Inventories reflect the demand retailers have for their manufacturers’ wares, the report offers an early indication of the potential strength of consumer spending.

Wholesale Inventories are reported in headlines as a percent change from the previous month.

Relevance: Rarely affects markets
Release schedule : 10:00 AM (EST); monthly, two months after the reported month
Revision schedule: Annual benchmark revisions on May 6 th
Source of report : U.S. Census Bureau
Web Address : www.census.gov
Address of release : http://www.census.gov/mwts/www/mwts.html

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